Author : Sri Handayani, Kismi Mubarokah


Maternal population is a high-risk population in certain severity for diseases. For maintaining pregnancy health, maternal need enough literacy to decide on accessing health services as needed. Study aimed to measuring health literacy of maternal and the influence of knowledge for health literacy. The study was cross sectional study, data collected with interview used HLQ-16 questionnaire. Sample of study was 34 maternal in working area of public health centre of Semarang city. Correlation of knowledge and health literacy tested with pearson product moment and simple logistic regression test. Result showed the level of health literacy among maternal was 41.2% problematic, 32.4% inadequate, and 26.5% sufficient. Education level was 58.8% bachelor degree and 41.2% high school. The experience of pregnancy in average was twice. Average age of maternal was 29 years, with youngest age was 20 years. Knowledge on pregnancy was 44.1% above the group average (13,5;2,8). That was significant correlation between knowledge and health literacy (pvalue: 0.02, r: 0.4). Knowledge was factor influenced health literacy of maternal (pvalue: 0.039, R2 : 0.159). Health promotion and education of pregnancy is need to perform intensively among maternal to increase health literacy. Posyandu can be used as facility on performing health promotion and education for maternal.


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