Author : Sri Andarini Indreswari, Nurjanah, Sri Handayani,
Kismi Mubarokah, Yusthin M. Manglapy

Background: Tuberculosis is a reemerging disease which is an important problem in Indonesia that puts Indonesia in the second position of the biggest TB prevalence in the world. Indonesia is one of 27 MDR TB high burden countries worldwide. In 2016, 2293 were confirmed as MDR TB/RR TB and 62% new cases were enrolled. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease that can be a threat for people who live together in the same place for a long period, such as in boarding school. This research aimed to explore TB literacy among (santri) in Baitussalam Boarding School Semarang. Methods: This was observational study with cross sectional design. The respondents were 106 male santri grade 7 and 8 in Baitussalam Boarding School Semarang. The self-administered questionnaire contained demographic variables, TB literacy 16 questions, knowledge 10 questions, was used to collect data and chi square test was used to data analysis. TB literacy divided into two categories based on total score (>47, and <=47). Results: Result showed that 33% of santri has difficulty to find information about TB, 26.4% said that was quite hard to understand information from media about TB, 27.4% was not understand that TB need to follow medication until six months. 30.1% stated that was hard to assess why it is needed vaccination for TB. Santri were 46.2% has score less than 47 on TB literacy. Factors that significantly correlated to TB literacy of santri were sources of information (p-value=0.027) and family background (p-value=0,045). Santri with more than one source of information more likely has higher TB literacy. The source of TB information on santri mostly was health provider (61.3%). Santri seems has less access of media it is showed that only 9.5% gained information from internet, 15.1% from social media, and 8.5% were newspaper. Santri that has family with health education background showed has higher TB literacy. Knowledge (p-value=0.173) and age (p-value=0.215) of santri showed has not significantly correlated to TB literacy of santri. Suggestion: It can be suggested to health provider to provide information, communication and education program massively especially for boarding school students. The boarding school suggested to provide more sources of information to their students.


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