Author : Nurjanah, Sri Soenaryati, and Enny Rachmani


Background: Health Literacy is an ability of people to gain access, understand, appraise and use information to promote and maintain good health. Research on adolescent health literacy is very important considering health literacy will help them maintain their health and get a good quality of life in the future. This paper provides evidences of the correlation between media use and health literacy. Methods: This study was a cross sectional survey on 140 respondents. The study population was the X and XI grade of two high schools in Semarang. The questionnaire of health literacy consisted of HLS-EU-16 and eHEALS (eHealth Literacy Scale). Spearman Rank and Chi Square were used for data analysis. Results: Factors associated to health literacy on high school students were health information access from internet (p=0008, Rho=0.224), mobile phone (p=0012, Rho 0.213), social media (p-value 0.000, Rho 0.399) attending extracurricular activity (p-value 0.043), medical/health training in family (p-value 0.001), and eHEALS (p-value 0.000, Rho 0.421). Conclusion: Low health literacy still be a problem on high school students. They were very easy to access online health information but had difficulties to evaluate the right and trusted health information. It is suggested to improve the health literacy of students through social media and give the capacity to choose the right information.


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